Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Tiger was just being a Tiger.

A comment on Tuesday's incident at Delhi zoo.
Technology has diminished the common sense of people.
What I have read in the newspaper and saw on the videos also there was full 5 minutes when the person fell in and the time tiger attacked.
Few points to ponder

1. People were busy taking pics n videos.. The basic common sense would have been to take him out.. How???
Few persons would have taken off their clothes tied them and would have taken him out.. No one thought becz the basic common sense has been highjacked by technology.

2. Media is talking about the tranquilizer shot was not available for the tiger.. Did any one think or reported about the availability of a rope, to take out the person if some trips off.

3. The guy fell because he was leaning too much to get a clearer pic of the tiger..

Analysis n lessons:

We as a society have become slaves of the technology.. Using our gadgets is reducing the basic common sense..
Our problem solving capacity is getting reduced.

Advise to all: Do not make our next generations slave of technology..
Do not buy gadgets for kids, and if you do, do ensure they know what they are getting into.... Or maybe, just maybe U could be killing their problem solving attitude.

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