Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ankleshwar et al.


…now, for the greater part of last couple of months I was in Ankleshwar, Gujarat interning at ONGC, in Drilling services. 45 days. You wouldn’t really expect me to take you into the technical aspect of the intern…would you? Now, one thing that I’m sure I learnt, and for ever, was elementary cooking. I experimented with any and every kinda food I caught hold of. Even tried cooking ‘ready to serve’ stuff. Tried a few ‘tougher’ recipes too. And I know what you would be saying under your breath when I say, “It was awesome.” But none of it really matters, does it? Coz I had ‘all’ of them.

Also had a lot of time for myself during these days. ‘Myself’ bole to about my past, present, and (maybe) sometimes about the future too. The difficult part was that I fell asleep whenever I started thinking about my future. And I wouldn’t really wish to share my dreams, with you, here. Although it would be a gigantic treat if my future remotely resembled my dreams.

My laptop has been causing tantrums lately. So I’m having a  new one soon. Its a swanky peacock blue Dell Inspiron 15R (N5110).

I came back to campus early, for a reason I do not see being fulfilled anytime soon.

Life is damp and gloomy.

Till next (& I hope its sooner).