Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A 'Guzaarish' for 'Emptiness'..!

 What a movie... Guzaarish. Bravo! Sanjay Leela Bhansali delivers yet another masterpiece. The sets, cinematography, cast selection, dialogue delivery, screenplay, everything so close to perfect! Marvelous!

No guys, I am not going to post a review of the movie here. It is just something that I connected to, an hour ago, while watching the movie. And, by God ki kasam, what a stupendous performance by Hrithik. Especially the part he gets extremely angry and frustrated, and then suddenly starts laughing madly. I watched that part again and again, and every time I caught a new nerve twitch. Equally appreciable show by Aish. All-in-all, I loved the movie. After a long time I watched a movie, connected to it, loved it so much that I would not want to watch it again.

Because I will never forget it!

Soon after I finished watching the movie, a friend sent me a song. New, and nice!
 Looked it up on the net.

Emptiness(Lonely) by Rohan Rathore.

"A three minute song that takes you on a long journey of memories!"

Something about the Singer before anything else: The Singer Rohan Rathod was an IIT-Guwahati student who was suffering from cancer and died 15 days after recording this song. He loved a girl and dedicated this song to that girl.

You can download it here

Both of these together triggered something in within me, what I had a hard time explaining to Juhi, and urged me to ponder. And then wonder. Life is such a beautiful feeling. The smallest of things at times bring about the biggest of changes in our lives.

Life events come into your lives to teach you something. The Universe is always steering you where you are meant to be. When you resist and fight to have it your way, well, then you will get zinged because sometimes what your EGO wants is not what the Universe (who some say is the Creator, in other words GOD. It is your wish what to believe.) has in store for you. It is kind of like getting onto a raft and then letting the current of the stream take you for a ride. You don't have to paddle or apply any effort. The energy of the water is carrying you. However, when you try to go against the stream or go upstream, as many people want to do in life, well, you end up exhausted, angry, bitter and completely confused. The key is to 'Let Go' and 'Enjoy the ride!'

Essentially, illness, struggle, and drama is not trusting the process of life and wanting to go against the stream. The magic comes when you can learn to trust the Universe and LET GO, really let go and stop trying to control everything in life.

So, for rapid emotional uplift you must go deep within yourself and ask...what am I really feeling? Then write down what comes up. Let those feelings be there for the moment. Honor those feelings and talk to them and say..."I know you are there...I feel you". Tell those feelings that it is OK to express themselves. Let whatever comes simply express itself. If it is anger be angry...if it is frustration be frustrated...if it is bitterness then be bitter...if it is love...then love. Allow the emotions to fully express themselves. Keep your concentration on the center of the feeling. You will find that when you are honest with your feelings and really acknowledge them and express them fully....these feelings will start honoring you too...and go the way for your best!

So this is your soul-friend Abhimanyu Manna, saying

“Ye life bohot choti hai doston. Par dil se jiyo to bohot hai.  So go on, break the rules. Forgive quickly. Kiss slowly. Love truly. Laugh uncontrollably... And never regret anything that made you smile!”

Sing with me...
"Ayayo mayayo ya ya mayayo ya ya mayayo ya ya mayayo…"



  1. greatly said....
    sahi hai boss... very romantic and feel gud... kudos.....rock on... \m/*.*\m/

  2. Well said Mr. Abhimanyu. It is true that one should sometimes let go, sit back and enjoy. However, wouldn't you agree that this applies only to those who desire to have a normal and common man's life? Can a person with very high ambitions 'sit back'? Perhaps not. Anyhow, beautiful introspection. You should surely write more often.

  3. And never regret anything that made you smile!”

    This line is a nutshell with oodles of philosphy,humanity and an art of living life!!!
    Keep it up!!....

  4. beautifully expressed,
    reminded me of old thgts!
    d msg by itself is like a story unsaid!
    loved it!!

    nd ya thx for the amazing sng!!
    <3 <3

  5. "Never regret anything that made you smile"... The line has cleared one of the greatest confusions of my life.. Thanks Sanjay Jee for this awesome piece of art and emotions...

  6. its a wonderful movie..........

  7. Indeed a wonderful movie.. I love the part when he decides to take on the water droplets...