Friday, February 10, 2012

Did you hear the Whisper?

Did you hear the whisper
that floated by,
that you thought
was your mind
playing games
as usual?
as you were
by the noise
inside your head,
did you hear the whisper?
That you tried to catch
but wafted away
even before you could listen?
Did you hear the whisper
like a gentle song
in a distant land
trying to come through
in the roaring traffic
of everyday existence
Did you hear the whisper?

If only I could. Or did I...

Till next then

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Just am.


without questions

about existence

accepting that I

just am.

But now

I learn every moment

who I am not

before I know

who I am.

And then, simply

that I am not,

we die

as we are born.


Till Next then


Monday, February 6, 2012

Attention Seeking...

We spend our lives trying to get attention and loving it. Getting attention is what provokes people, creates relationships and also destroys relationships. At some levels the ego is propelled to do greater things while it seeks attention. But at other levels, for so many of us attention seeking becomes an obsession. Therefore self-destructive. You can’t spend your life seeking affirmation through other people’s eyes. More often than not this leads to a loss of self-worth with all its associated problems.

I spent many years of my life as a child in wonderful adventures, but also in “Vanity” about myself. I often look back at my life and wonder how many beautiful relationships I missed out on, how many great adventures I did not give myself to, because of my own vanity or the need to seek attention.

But better late than never, I am on a different path now as I realize that the greatest adventure of all, the greatest potential relationships of all, the greatest love of all, lies in what’s given. Not in what is received.
Not because of some great “altruistic” or “selfless” illusion of myself. But because the greatest adventure of all lies in seeing yourself not as an individual drop, but as the ocean. To lose my sense of individuality. To lose that which is “Abhimanyu Manna” the individual allows me to lose “me.” I am not saying that I am there yet. My ego still carries too many remanents of the past. Past desires, past aspiratons and past insecurities. But I’ve made a start.

Everyday, for a part of the day I argue against my own ego to remind myself of the greatest illusion of all.

My individuality.


Till next then.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Stray thought.

When was the last time a lion asked of another
"so what’s he doing these days?"
doing what lions do I guess,
being a lion.
So what r u doing these days, Abhimanyu?
doing what human beings do I guess
being human
and destroying the planet
by eating more than the average human!..
for in the scheme of things.

Does an ant see itself as an individual
with an individual consciousness?
Or a collective?
And as I walk the streets
everyone trying as hard as they are,
myself included,
to express their individuality,
to know they exist,
conflicted as we are
by our need to be a part
and apart both
from the collective,
do ants need to do the same thing?
Whats going on in their mind
or wherever their consciousness
or their imagination exists?
Do they merely see, imagine
only the collective?
Or like us
the collective
through the individual?

And do we even enter
their consciousness
except as creatures
that trundle around
without purpose
between Big Bazaars
and the little cafe’
for a cup of coffee
and looking down
from a galaxy far far away
at this tiny speck of dust
called earth;
an ant,
a human,
one crushed
beneath the others feet
has no significance
other than
the breathing of the universe
between creation and destruction?

I wonder..!

Till Next then

Thursday, February 2, 2012


I ran from the noise
looking for silence
and in my solitude,
I heard a single scream
that came from
inside my head;
I was the one
the loudest,
trying to be heard
above everyone else
like a child
screaming for attention
in a world
where a billion voices
were doing the same.
I was.
I am.
Still am.

Till next then.