Thursday, February 2, 2012


I ran from the noise
looking for silence
and in my solitude,
I heard a single scream
that came from
inside my head;
I was the one
the loudest,
trying to be heard
above everyone else
like a child
screaming for attention
in a world
where a billion voices
were doing the same.
I was.
I am.
Still am.

Till next then.


  1. As always... Superb! Love to read your writings :D

  2. Abhimanyu
    All voices are equally important and have a place in the grand scheme of things.Don’t get entrapped into the quagmire of comparing them.
    Yours just seems loudest to you because its closest to your ears.
    Worry not,the color ‘yellow’ has its own importance.The rainbow will be recognizably less without it.
    Me-thinks the universe and the world needs it.

  3. I don’t find you yelling but singing… and as you sing it brings realisations and revelations.. to hold yourself together and to write about what you go through or what you think is an art.. and i know you have mastered it.. keep singing Sirji.