Friday, January 3, 2014

King of Sweets - Gaajar ka Halwaa

Winters always bring in these wonderful produce all over the markets. The mind is always full of recipes and ideas. I love to cook. And this is the first time I am gonna blog about it. See how the response is.
Now...tiny piece of are 2 ways of making Gaajar ka Halwa
1. I have used more milk. So it won't have a very shiny glaze. But will taste better.
2. Use less milk, it will look better, but won't taste as good.

Step 1: Carrots grated. Added to boiling milk
1 kilo carrots. 2 litres Milk.
Step 2: Reduce the mixture to a slurry consistency. Requires constant stirring.
Step 3: Sugar
Step 4: Khoya. (I had homemade Khoya in semi-liquid form)
Sugars from all the sources will caramelize and enhance the reddish color of the Halwaa
The entire process takes approximately 3 hours
Once Sugar is added and the consistency thickens, the flame is lowered to min
This is probably the best time to taste and have the 'Just undercooked Gaajar ka Halwaa'
Some people prefer it this's got the still in liquid-ish form milk. Gives it a bubbly, milky, light taste.
Step 5: Dry fruits. Lightly roasted. Roughly crushed. Cashews. Almonds. Walnuts. Raisins. Pistachios.
I am gonna help myself with a spoonful.

Just the correct proportions. Milky. Lightly sweet. I don't like a strong sweet taste, that overpowers the carrot and the milk
And now...let the rest of the milk condense till we have the rich reddish glaze

Halwaa is ready. Serve and Garnish.
If You have a blow torch, add sugar on top and caramelize.
Final stage...
King of Sweets - Gaajar Ka Halwaa is served

Till next then

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