Sunday, March 11, 2012

Confusing Indian elections.

I find these elections confusing. I completely support all the NGO’s that are making great efforts to et everyone to vote, and striving to provide details of the candidates at a click of an sms request on your cell phone.
But what do the parties stand for ? The platform for everyone seems to be why the other party was not the right candidate. The electioneering seems to be completely negative. Putting down the opposing candidate. Why I should not vote for the other Candidate, not why I should vote for you ?
Why should I vote for you ?


  1. thats the point we are mostly unaware about truth n are just seeing image of parties..n so even they do nautanki (publicity stunts so as we dont forget them)

  2. Democracy is a farce, its a dirty number game
    100 crore Indians, 40 crore voters & 20 crore vote, 23%of 20crore votes to become PM and form Govt.
    this means 10% of India decides the fate of 90%
    Its a game and a shame, so are all the other forms of governments farcical and dirty.
    Anarchy is not the truth …. natural anarchy is it. but only nature can achieve that, on its own, not man and his thoughts