Saturday, January 14, 2012

Still Life marches on.

As I look back at my life, I have been accused of being impractical (I am), a dreamer (I am) a wanderer (completely), the famous comment ‘you treat life like it was just play’ – yes I do. ‘Act your age’ – I can remember forever. People have said I have an over active imagination (yes, completely), that I should be more serious about life (I agree, but I do not know really know what they mean). The point I have been making is that while I have always accepted these accusations, I have lived under the burden of guilt of all these accusations. I have consistently tried to change them, but neither have I been able to change myself, nor have I been able to be free of considering myself somewhat an irresponsible human being…
…par…log toh kahenge hi…just because people say this is right and that is wrong, and if I will change my life because of their perceptions, I think I will lose myself, reach nowhere. So then I should try to enjoy what I am, sometimes irresponsible, confined to solitary, doing the things i want and not bothering.
So at the end of the day who cares? Why …we come alone, go alone, being a mere visitor to this planet, its perfectly all right to be so. Sometimes near and dear ones worry and their worry actually affects, but at the end of the day do they know what's going on with your being? I really do not think so man!
Till next then..!

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  1. Your thoughts and the burden of accusations you mention is echoed by millions of people worldwide. Mr. Manna – I dont know about you but my response to such Allegations/accusations/expectations is simple. I do whatever I think is right/convinient and does not make me feel guilty. The world out there wants to criticise – even if I do things to please them, they will still find something or the other to criticise in me. So, all I do is follow my heart and mind (whichever suits me at any time) and forget that anyone else beyond me exists. Selfish? Well… personal peace is more important than anything else. If I am not happy and at peace- I cant make others happy/peaceful. Life is a quest for self improvement. I carry the burden of accusations too – but also the happiness that my life is after all a sum of my decisions.