Tuesday, November 22, 2011


The chat with her left me thinking. Is there a perfect gesture? Can ‘anything’ be done perfectly? Can anything ever feel perfect? A talk? An argument , even?

Well… the night, for starters was perfect. Clear sky, full of stars. A cool breeze. The walk felt good. Lonely. But good. Not at any moment did it feel like a 6 km walk. It was light. I felt light.

So maybe perfect things do exist, around us, in our lives. Now coming to what we mortals do. Can we mortals do perfects things? Like having perfect conversations? Closing a deal perfectly? Mmm… Having a perfect argument.. say? Can we?

I guess not. Humans are imperfect. In fact humans are far from being perfect. All of them. Not one work can ever be executed perfectly. No relationship can ever be perfect. No emotion delivered perfectly. So we humans are imperfect. Face it..!

But then doesn’t that very quality set us apart? From animals? From other humans? Then, Perfectness would mean there would be just one perfect human, one perfect attitude set, one perfect skill set, one perfect profession, one perfect car, one perfect city to live in, one perfect dish to eat daily, one perfect..of anything.

And achieving ‘that’ Perfect thing would mean we would all be the same. Exact replicas of each other. All behave exactly the same. All would look exactly alike, drive the same car, live in the same city, all of ‘em, eat the same thing everyday.

Aiming for the ‘Perfect’ would mean loosing your ‘Individuality’. Loosing that, would mean… well you yourself would cease to exist, ..figuratively..of course.!

Abhimanyu: “All right Life..! Lesson taken. Do not aim for the Perfect.. Done deal..!”
Life: Mind it..! Yenna Rascalla..! Winking smile

P.S: Now who cares about perfect arguments anymore… haha..!
(Special regards to YM for helping me getting rid of my ‘block’…and JS, who is..well…shall we say My Imperfect Inspiration..!)

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