Saturday, September 5, 2009

Recently, I, and 9 more guys of my university were asked to write a 250 words profile about ourselves, about what we had done in and for the Petroleum University in the past one year, and what all plans we had for the ongoing and upcoming semesters, especially highlighting our achievements, be it academic or non-academic.
When I asked what for such a perilous task was being given, I was non-convincingly given a reply that this profile would soon be part of the Petroleum University Website.
I was shocked. I didn't know what to write. I was expected to speak high to very high about myself. This was simply so-not-done. I soon found out a way to go around this situation...I caught a friend of mine, who was also amongst those 10 unlucky guys...We made a deal that I would write about him and he would write about me.This is what that idiot (he wouldn't like me disclosing his name, especially on a blog) wrote:
Hailing from the land of Royal tigers, West Bengal, Abhimanyu Manna is a kind of student who has evolved a lot after entering his college life. He is one of the leading story and script-writers of PDPU and also heads 'SOUL PEPPER', the Theatrics Club. In addition to that, he is the Editor-in-Chief of 'AAYAAM' the University Magazine. He is also amongst the core members of 'LETZ EXPRESS' the Debate Club. Although he credits all that he is today to his seniors, who have been with him at every obstacle he faced and every decision he made, he has shown great improvement in his interpersonal skills and also has a fairly good social life. He finds the Petroleum sector particularly interesting, not just because his father works in a major Oil company, but also because of the wide scope ahead in this revered stream.
Keeping in mind the kind of employees required by the Petroleum industry, Abhimanyu tries to keep himself updated on the major happenings in the industry by attending various workshops and seminars conducted by or in the University. He is an active member and the Spokesperson of the Students' Chapter of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE). Recently he was selected as a member of AIESEC, the largest student-run organization in the world, which is spread across 107 nations, including India, globally.
Abhimanyu, apart from being a favourite of the most-liked Professor of the University, is a hit with the entire female lot. Although, he claims that he has no girlfriends, and is committed to none, rumours arise and hover all around the college about his escapades.
In this semester, he has been hosting almost all the events and seminars that are being conducted in the college and has a very busy life.
His naughtiness continues to grow exponentially.
This is Abhimanyu for you.


  1. Well,I know your potential so I really dont need to be told about you.But I would love to see something original from you.You are a very good literary artist and I want you to use this space to the fullest.At least,I will surely be following you very closely here and really want others to know as well.So,just let yourself flow.

  2. Liar Liar, Ass on fire....that deal never went into fruition apart from us sharing a few points About each other. My writing style is neither so extravagant nor so flattering. Formal and Understated is what it is.

  3. Ha ha ha ... padhte hi pata chal gya tha k kis k lines honge !
    Nyways comments se idea lag gya...
    U both r still same ;)
    Kudos !