Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Mistake should only be rectified, not cultured.

This is with reference to an article that appeared in the Ahmedabad Mirror (Friday, Sept 09, 2011)
Following was my reply to the very biased comments that followed the post.
First of all, my dear fellow PDPU mates, please understand that this is a public forum and not any wall on the campus, where you will write anything you wish to. Not just you guys, not just the whole of PDPU family, this forum is open to the entire world out there. Having said that, do you seriously wish to put up such a tainted picture of your own University in front of the world? I am not saying you are wrong. You have said things with such frankness, there has to be a great deal of truth in it. Then why hide? All you guys are bold enough to reveal huge things about the ill management of the system i.e. PDPU, yet so timid that you can't even display your actual identities? Making fake email IDs and posting anonymous comments! Come on, you can do better! Commenting is easy. But remember, nobody pays heed to a faceless comment. Be bold to at least reveal your real identities.
Secondly, a group of 6 students from the B.Tech 08 batch were involved in the incident. Do not go on blaming the entire batch for what they did. Of course what they did was shameful. But shouldn't we all be ashamed that such a heinous thing took place in our campus? The 'anonymous' guys who have commented before me, they wish to say that 6 seniors had persuaded 14 juniors to 'fight'. My dear friend, "Ashish" (if that is what you wish to call yourself) It always takes 2 palms to make a clap. Don't the juniors have their own decision making ability? Would they do anything and everything that the seniors ever asked them to do? Admit it guys, it was a mistake, committed by 'all' of them, in a state of anger, over petty issues. Even I could go on commenting what a mess B.Tech 09 guys create time and again. And I sure can keep on praising my own batch of its timeless glory. But I won't. Not here!
Thirdly, please do not talk about unity, we all have our own definitions. If I may, remind you of the PDPU Protest, Feb 2011. I am sure you shall never forget that kind of uproar ever in your life.
Fourth, "Ashish", we are in the same college now, who knows we might be in the same company tomorrow. Would you always want to have such a "love-filled" relation with your seniors, and that too all of them? Then , I must, and must wish you all the very best. You shall be respected only when you know how respect others.
PDPU is not the management. It is not the professors. It isn't the huge packages it gets either. It is us, the students. What we do is what defines what PDPU is. And it isn't going to make our career if we keep on lamenting that we are here, or continuously complaining about it. Do something for the university first, and then complain that it is not doing anything in return. Because you like it or not, this name, "PDPU" will stick to you forever. Now if you wish to taint that name, or take it to newer heights, is all your wish.
With solidarity and pride for my University
Abhimanyu Manna
Class of 2012

I have nothing more to say for now!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Mmmm… Chicken

I dedicate this post to a dear friend, Saloni Gupta, from Indore, who I have met, for a very brief 15 seconds only, and that too when I didn’t know it was her.
Today, almost a month after my b’day, I finally received the gift she had sent me. And I can’t stop wondering what I would do to her if she had handed this over to me face-to-face ( Winking smile ) !

The said cookbook which is a heavenly compilation of over a 100 Chicken recipes, says:
“Chicken is one of the tastiest and most versatile meats you can use – it goes with almost every sauce, spice and vegetable under the sun! This cookbook contains mouth-watering recipes for all manner of chicken dishes, including warming soups, quick and easy lunches and impressive main courses.

With its practical advice, easy-to-follow recipes and fabulous photography of each finished dish, there is nothing difficult about this cookbook. In fact, the hardest part will be deciding which of the delicious recipes to try first!

Chicken is a popular favourite with adults and children alike, perhaps because it is such a versatile ingredient that there are heaps of different dishes to suit all tastes.  It can be prepared in lots of ways, from classic roasts to speedy fries and from spicy curries to rich and satisfying stews. It makes great sandwiches, wraps, salads, soups and kebabs and is the perfect partner for pasta and rice. It is perfect for any occasion from an elegant dinner party with friends to a relaxed family barbeque.”
My Chicken Song:
When I wake up in the morning
There is one thing on my mind
Its Chicken! Chicken! Chicken!
And more Chicken all the time.
And every now and then I think
How sad this world would be
Without my tasty little friends
So plump and feathery

C – H – I – C – K – E – N
Yeah.. Chicken is my best friend
When I’m down or feeling grey
I grab my fork and clear my plate
Where am I supposed to begin
To explain how much I am in
Love with C – H – I – C – K – E – N
Breakfast Chicken!
Lunch Chicken!
Dinner too Chicken!
Now..what more can I say.. except for..
 Sweet ‘Chicken’ Dreams..!!